Is it expensive to provide interpreting services?
The budget for your annual planning for accessibility services should include interpreting services. It is better to analyze the budget over a course of a year versus on a per-encounter basis.

Who must pay for an interpreter?
According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, it states that all public and private agencies that provide services to the general public, and all employees with 15 or more employees, must be accessible.  In other words, your business, agency, or service must be accessible to people with disabilities and in turn, you will be responsible for paying for interpreting services.

Do I need to hire an interpreter?
The ADA also states that a comprehensive variety of public and private services as well as employers must be accessible to all people, regardless of disability. Communication must be accessible when dealing with people who are hard of hearing, Deaf, or Deaf-blind.

How much do you charge per hour?
Please contact us via phone at 205.440.9221, by email at assistme@royalsignsinterpreting.com, or by the contact form.

I know someone that knows sign language. Can I have them interpret for me instead?
There is a difference between someone who knows how to sign and a nationally/state qualified interpreter.  Without a qualified interpreter, the consumer may not receive confidential or accurate services.

How do I pay an invoice?
Depending on your company’s payment processing department, you can pay the invoice electronically or simply by mailing a check. Please contact us for payment information.

When will I get an invoice?
Usually within 24-48 hours, an invoice will be sent to the payee.  We need time to calculate and complete my invoice form with services rendered including parking, mileage, etc.

How do I become a subcontractor?
Send an email to assistme@royalsignsinterpreting.com

How can I take a sign language class or any other course?
Click here for a list of our course offerings.

Do you have sign language books that I can order?

All of that and more will be available  soon.

Will you teach a group of people that I have gathered?
Of course, we do teach private lessons to groups. It could be anything from teaching praise and worship teams how to sign a song to teaching the basics of Sign Language.

Do you offer one-on-one classes?
Yes, we do offer private sessions: one-on-one classes whether it is online or face-to-face.  We are flexible and will work with you on scheduling. We also have pilot courses that will launch Feb 2017.

How can I become an Interpreter? If you live in the state of Alabama, please visit ALBIT’s website. There you will find out how to get your permit or national certification. Otherwise, please visit RID’s website. We also providing coaching services and had products that can help you with the process. See our products and services to learn more about The Interpreter Hub.

What’s Priscilla’s  story? How did she learn Sign Language?
You can read all about that here.

Where can I find you on social media?
We are on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.