What Exactly Does RID do + What Is It’s Function?

RID has many functions and if you’re planning to become an interpreter, be proactive and know what they are.

Because of RID, there is a national standard of quality for interpreters and Transliterators. They are focused on growing the profession of interpreting and educating the public about the vital role of interpreters and transliterators  and work hard to make sure that there is equal opportunity and access for all individuals.

RID’s mission is to advocate for the best practices in interpreting and professional development for practitioners.

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Their website can help you find an interpreter, interpreting agencies, workshops, Interpreting Training Programs, jobs and even other RID members.

RID will also guide you through the interpreting process. I’ve had to call RID on different occasions and have had a wonderful experience each time.

If you’re not a member yet, I suggest you join. Even if you’re not an interpreter, yet.

In short, RID is your go-to for everything you need to know about becoming a certified interpreter, network with other interpreters and a search tool for workshops in your area for CEUs.

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