Why I Don’t Lower My Prices

The other night, I was having dinner with my girlfriends and came to the realization that even after raising my prices, I was STILL undercharging.

So after some soul searching, and looking at some numbers I saw that they were right!

Never, EVER lower your prices for the sake of making sales. Keep pushing and eventually, your clients will come.

Know your worth.

Your time is valuable.

Time is money.

Charge what you are worth.

Only YOU can set that amount.

If your niche market is for cheap clients, then do you and don’t expect your business to grow.

You can’t complain and should only expect stagnancy.


If you’re like me and have a family and are building a legacy, stand your ground. When you have a business and and family, you can’t afford to give discounts to people who say you’re too expensive. If that’s the case then I may as well  work for free because I  will not make a profit.

It’s cool to have sales periodically to build buzz, but don’t lower  your price for everyone that says you’re too expensive.

If you have a potential client that complains about your prices, then your services are not for them.

Your services are for the ones who care more about the benefit of your services rather than the price. If you take yourself and your business seriously, then your tribe will flock to you.

I am here to serve. However, we gotta eat too. The ONLY way I will budge is if God puts it on my heart to do so. This has happened before and I reaped many benefits because I obeyed God.

But, if you have someone who says they “want” to do business with you and say that you are too expensive, then they are not ready for your services.

Here at Royal Signs Interpreting, we are on a mission and we cannot fulfill this mission if we are always giving discounts and handouts.

It’s not personal, but it’s personal. Why? Because this business was built on the foundation of changing the lives of a culture who have suffered from discrimination and oppression for centuries. I could never, ever be a disservice to the Deaf culture.

Have you experienced this? Send me a note and tell me about it.

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