Deaf Culture 101

Deaf Culture 101 is one of our signature courses. After completing this course you will learn why being Deaf is considered a lifestyle in addition to how to incorporate the Deaf community in your company’s setting. It’s one thing to make your business accessible, but educating your staff on Deaf culture will take your company to another level. This course is also for individuals who are interested in learning sign language and/or aspire to become a sign language interpreter.

American Sign Language Classes

We offer ASL 1, 2,3 and 4. Classes can be in group or individual settings both online or in person. Our lessons are designed to be able to accommodate the learner based on their learning style and speed. Many of our alumni have gone on to become successful sign language interpreters. Some needed to take a sign language course just because it was a requirement for their job or simply just because the language is beautiful!  The reasons for taking our sign language courses are limitless!

The Ultimate ASL Crash Course

The Ultimate ASL Crash Course ( ASL 1 pilot course) is for individuals who have no background in Deaf culture or sign language. We like to ask the following questions before you invest in this course:

Are you an aspiring signer?

Does your job require you to know basic ASL?

Do you have family or friends that are Deaf and want to learn the basics of American Sign Language?

Do you hope to become an interpreter one day?

Are you rusty on your signing and need a refresher course?

Do you simply want to learn ASL because it’s dope?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then this course is for you.

In this course, you will learn the ASL manual alphabet, how to sign numbers, and 500 words.

You will also be able to effectively use these signs in a sentence and not only be able to communicate in the Deaf community, but your receptive skills will be notable.

Upon completion, you will be able to go out into the Deaf community and sign at a survival level.

You will also receive a certificate of completion. (This is great for those of you taking this course in order to meet your employer’s requirements.)

The Interpreter Hub

The Interpreter Hub is an inner circle where interpreters and interpreters at heart (aspiring interpreters) come together to learn, grow, and change the world one sign at a time. You will receive new monthly videos, have access to a private online community, and one group coaching call monthly – all geared to assist you in becoming a certified interpreter.  This is an never-ending membership community and you can cancel at anytime.

Royal Signs Academy

Royal Signs Academy is a 4 month course where you will receive 1 group call each month, and 4 modules (Laws, Deaf Culture, Deaf History, Certification preparation, and more!). This course is specifically designed for fluent signers who are ready to begin the process on becoming a sign language interpreter.

The Platinum Program

In our Platinum Program, you will get a VIP day with Royal Signs Interpreting Founder, get the scoop on how to start your own interpreting agency, get  tips on how to obtain contracts, and send invoices (and other administrative necessities to run a successful agency), AND get a free professional photo shoot! You will also receive all of our templates used in sales, contracting, invoicing, and more!

Unsure about which course to take? Contact us to schedule a free 15 minute call so that we can make sure that you make the right investment.

If you are ready to invest in yourself, click the image below to sign up.

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