Why CODAs Should Teach Their Spouse + Children ASL

I really shouldn’t have to write this, but I feel that I need to – this is a touchy subject for some.

Why are there so many CODAs with spouses and children that cannot sign?

Why is that?

Are you busy?

Do you not care?

Do you not realize how important this is?

You’re probably thinking that I am in my feelings.  The answer is yes, I am in my feelings about this topic because this is something that I am passionate about.

No, I’m not sorry.

I’m sure ASL was your first language. You’re probably bitter about having to interpret when an interpreter wasn’t available while growing up. Maybe you feel that it is just hard work to teach your spouse and kids ASL.

Guess what?

Now, when you go over your parents’ house or any Deaf event, YOU have to interpret. Don’t you?


So yeah, go ahead and teach your spouse and children ASL so you can sit back and relax when you visit your parent’s house. The next time you go to a Deaf event, your family can speak for themselves.

CODAs, take pride in the Deaf culture you grew up in, don’t let it die.

When my family and I  are around my Deaf family and friends, my family can communicate with them without me around. This brings me so much joy! Seeing my husband and children with their tiny hands signing with my Deaf family is priceless.

Wouldn’t you want your Deaf family members to have a real relationship with your family?

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It’s not too late. Learn ASL here.

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