Why CODAS Should Teach Their Spouse ASL: I’m Pregnant and Can’t Go Into a Room Full Of Radiation

Two summers ago, my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Unfortunately during this time, we were still working on getting an interpreter. (The medical facility had to be educated on ADA laws, etc.)

So, as unethical this may seem to you… I, a CODA, had to be an interpreter for my dad. ‘

And no, I did not get paid.

We didn’t have time to cancel his appointments because of an interpreter not showing up.

Why reschedule for the POSSIBILITY that an interpreter may show up?

Cancer was growing on the inside of my dad. Fast. Like, growing quickly by the week.

There was no time to scramble and find an available interpreter.

I was pregnant with BJ during this time and there was this particular appointment when my daddy had to get a CAT Scan. The nurse told me that the machine will speak and tell my daddy when to breath and hold his breath.


She also told me that due to the radiation, I had to leave the room because I was pregnant.

Thank GOD that my husband can sign at a survival level. I taught him a few more signs on the spot (just in case the nurse had more instructions or questions for my dad) and he went into the CAT Scan room with my dad.

Everything went smoothly!

The nurse ended up asking my dad if he felt pain or discomfort, etc. There were a few more questions that the nurse and my dad had. Without my husband, it would have been a rough situation.

You see my CODA friends, THAT is why you should teach your spouse and children ASL.

Read more about why you should here.

It is never too late. Read about our ASL courses here.


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