Why Your Business Should Be Deaf Friendly

Having a Deaf friendly business means to have an accessible business – a business that is accessible to the Deaf community. Some examples are providing sign language interpreters at your events and adding captions to your videos.

I am apart of the Deaf community because my parents are Deaf. I grew up in the Deaf world and American Sign Language is my first language.  I’m the oldest so I was the family’s interpreter when there wasn’t one around. So, just imagine what it is like when neither myself or an interpreter is around.


And No, not all Deaf people can read lips. (Deaf Culture Tip: NEVER assume that a Deaf person can read your lips. Its unfair and rude.)

You MUST make your business Deaf friendly.

Here’s Why:

Your Audience Will Grow

You’re in business to serve people and to make sure they have what they need, right? Let’s say that you’re a business coach or a graphics designer.  Let’s say that there were 40 people in your city right now in this moment who are Deaf and need your services but all of your videos are not captioned, or you’re hosting a luncheon or conference without an interpreter. What if the Deaf community in your area were willing to pay you 2k for your business development package? …but they don’t reach out to you…because. your. business. is. not. Deaf. friendly.

You’re probably thinking that all Deaf people are on disability checks anyway and that they cannot afford your services. You’re absolutely wrong. My mom and dad do not receive disability.  They both work and are very successful.

There are Deaf doctors, dentists, lawyers, AND entrepreneurs that are looking for people like you so that they can invest in your services.


Before you post that YouTube video, add captions.

Before you host another workshop, luncheon, or whatever… hire a sign language interpreter. 

Gain Loyal Customers Forever

If you make your business Deaf friendly, your business will gain attention in the Deaf community.  Once you have their attention, you literally have it for life. No, I am not kidding! Deaf people have to “get it how they live” and they stick together and support anyone who supports them. As a result, they are loyal…and will continue to be loyal as long as your business is Deaf friendly.

Think about the Starbucks video that had someone who could sign in the drive thru. That video got over 6 million views. Imagine the increase in sales.

So now you’re probably wondering HOW to make your business Deaf friendly, right?

Contact us today to find out how you can make your business totally accessible. In return, you’ll gain a loyal customer base and increase your revenue.

That’s all for now.

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