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Sign Language Interpreting

Connect with your Deaf clients, employees, and patrons by allowing us to provide sign language interpreting services. We provide interpreting in many settings such as educational, medical, legal, corporate, workshops, festivals, government, and more!

Captioning and Transcription Servcies

Make your business Deaf Friendly by adding allowing us to add captions to your brand video, commercial, or even an online video course. We also transcribe podcasts and audio courses.

Corporate Training

Learn about Deaf culture, the laws that mandate sign language interpreting and Deaf rights, how to work with a Deaf employee, how to work with Deaf clients and patients and more!

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Why Your Business Should Be Deaf Friendly

Having a Deaf friendly business means to have an accessible business – a business that is accessible to the Deaf community. Some examples are providing sign language interpreters at your events and adding captions to your videos. I am apart of the Deaf community because my parents are Deaf. I…

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What Laws Mandate The Provision of Sign Language Interpreting?

So you want to become an interpreter, huh? Are you ready? Get your pen and paper, and get familiar with these laws. Your career depends on it. Keep in mind that these are federal laws and that each state has its own. You can look each law up or you…

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How to Become A Sign Language Interpreter

There are different avenues on how to become a certified Sign Language interpreter. Some states have a licensure board that has a system in place to issue permits to non-certified interpreters. Let’s start with RID’s Certifications. Currently, RID holds two different certifications. The National Interpreter Certification (NIC) is broken up into two parts, the NIC…

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To learn more about our CEO’s life as a CODA (child of a Deaf adult), how she saw her Deaf parents experience oppression and discrimination, and why Royal Signs was founded, watch this video:


“There are Deaf doctors, dentists, lawyers, and even entrepreneurs that are looking for a business like yours so that they can invest in your services. Is your business accessible? “ ~ Priscilla McNealy, CEO and Founder


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Royal Signs Interpreting Testimonial